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THE REVOLUTION IN FUNCTIONAL TRAINING Our lean, modular XPLOAD Zone™ solution is ideal for any facility – large or small – including fitness clubs, personal training studios, fire and police departments, sport teams, or any fitness center looking to maximize space for group training. The XPLOAD Zone™ line comes with a variety of options such as pull-up bars, dip bars, cable stations and so much more!

The nautilus® cable stations have a 33% smaller footprint than other body weight resistance models.

Truss length starts at 5’ and is expandable in 20” increments
Dozens of workouts in one station with the option to add even more

Our master trainers are here to get your staff up to speed on all new equipment




HumanSport opens up completely new programming opportunities for members, trainers and facility operators. Trainers can take advantage of a wide variety of training variants and customizable programs to help members reach their individual training goals quickly and safely. For facility operators, HumanSport is a sensationally straightforward and effective tool with the flexibility to offer unique and tailorable training programs for your clients, boosting your marketability and giving you an edge over the competition.
HumanSport is designed to allow unlimited resistance training options through movements in the seated isolated position, seated unstable position, and standing position. By utilizing all three, your fitness staff can create any number of unique goal-based programs to cater to your desired client groups. These programs can be used for one-on-one personal training or to capitalize on small group training. Examples of training programs developed by our Master Trainers for HumanSport include:

Give your members an outstanding functional training tool and gain the ability to target all new client groups with HumanSport.

  • Aerobics
  • Back Strength
  • Stay Young & Fit
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Strength for Athletes
  • Ski
  • Running
  • Soccer

Our team of Master Trainers have developed a wide variety of training variants and programs that come bundled with their own associated marketing kits. With programs for weight control, body building, tennis, golf and so much more, our programming will enable you to target new customer groups and attract new members to your facility.

Easy to use lock n load® technology eliminates lost, broken or bent pinsdesigned with two weight stacks for multiple training optionslow 5 lbs (2.3 kg) starting resistance is ideal for rehabilitation.

Torque X-Crate

To equip health clubs, fitness studios, and training centers to meet the high demand for functional group training, Torque Fitness developed the X-Create, an infinitely customizable, versatile, combined training and storage system. The X-Create is custom designed with virtually endless possibilities to uniquely meet every facility’s needs.

Each module accommodates one to three exercisers simultaneously, customers can add modules

such as: Stall bars (for use with resistance bands) Ball and hanging storage (for exercise mats) Storage (accessory trays, ball storage) Modular extension (for adding training stations and storage) Ball target wall Olympic lifting station


Gym Rax – i Bridge

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Gym Rax systems begin at a standard height of 8’ with unlimited configurability and are available in 9’ (2m 74cm) and 10’ (3m 4cm) extended height options. Freedom® Mount technology provides ease of adjustment and safe connection for the suspension of straps, boxing, aerial, and other equipment. Select storage Rax, wall bars, pull-up bars and connect additional Bays or Bridges for unlimited training possibilities.



2. TROUGH RAX (x2)


4. RAX BINS (x2)

5. PULL UP BAR (x4)




9. BOSU RAX (x2)

10. WALL BARS (x1)

11. DIP (x1)

Throwdown Ultimate Training Course

Throwdown’s Ultimate Training Center (UTC) adds a centerpiece to any gym that will add massive value to the trainer profit center. The UTC is a small footprint functional training center that features 20+ possible workout stations and numerous of attachment points for third party accessories. The UTC also has an ever growing line of accessories and is endlessly customizable which will inspire creativity with your training staff and clients.

  • K2
  • Ultimate Training Centers SP
  • Ultimate Training Centers SO
  • Ultimate Training Centers

Throwdown Cross Training Center (XTC)


he XTC is a modular training system that allows you to create a one person wall mounted training station for a small studio or a large expandable free standing training apparatus that is as large as your gym will accommodate. The XTC is designed to be installed in rooms with ceiling height as low as 9’. Some accessories will require additional ceiling clearance.

The recommended XTC structure is built with uprights on alternating 4’ and 6’ centers. This allows Olympic bar squats to be performed at each 4’ section without interference.

Throwdown Personal Fitness Center

The PERSONAL FITNESS CENTER™ (AKA: PFC)is a custom functional fitness training center designed for small group and personal training. This innovative, commercial grade PFC™ further differentiates your facility by blending the best of impact sports and functional fitness with visually pleasing colors and design elements. The PFC™ is an engaging small group, functional fitness training solution which offers a variety of modalities with a range of versatile features to foster functional strength, flexibility and endurance. This carefully engineered system creates a powerful and efficient training zone to enable users to exercise simultaneously.

The PFC™ drives excitement on many levels – it can be utilized as a stand-alone equipment set and is great for both personal training and group training alike. Small group training zones are fun and consistently build camaraderie which creates bonds and friends that keep users coming back.

Maximize the benefits of your industry leading PFC™ users’ experience by implementing this leading edge and comprehensive PFC™ training program designed by THROWDOWN® to create a powerful user experience that delivers results.


Marpo VMX Multi-Mode

The VMX Rope Trainer features multi-mode adjustment for vertical, diagonal, horizontal and reverse pull. The easy-to adjust sliding carriage allows for increased versatility for strength, cardio and functional training. The ability to alternate rope heights, grips and pull directions makes the VMX Rope Trainer the ultimate functional training tool.

  • Dynamic Magnetic Brake System (DMB)
  • Dynamic Resistance range 1-200 pounds (0.5- 90.7kg)
  • Brake Mechanism allows for Bidirectional Rope Pulling
  • Sliding carriage enables quick and easy rope mode changes: Vertical, Diagonal, Horizontal rope orientations.
  • Specially designed rope is soft and easy to grip, durable and long-lasting
  • Electronic display tracks distance, time, speed, and calories
  • Unit Power Requirement: 3 AA batteries (unit does NOT require AC power source)
  • Unit dimensions: 96″H X 82″L X 40″W (244cm X 208cm X 101cm)
  • Weight: 205 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 250 lbs
  • Shipping Size: 21″H X 57″L X 42″W


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